ӣƵ is committed to providing an open and safe environment which both values and promotes diversity and equality of opportunity, encouraging all our staff and students to fulfil their potential.

The Tutor for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion is Barbara Rossi. She is supported by the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Freyja Madsen. The Warden chairs the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee, composed of senior and junior members. 

If you would like to find out more, please read the College's Equality Policy.


Encouraging Diverse Applications

There are many groups which historically have been under-represented at Oxford, and ӣƵ is no exception. We are committed to do our very best in changing this.

Students working on the Seren Summer School


Working with schools

ӣƵ's outreach work is forward thinking and innovative.  We have three strands to our outreach work:

  1. ӣƵ's Step-Up Programme
  2. Oxford for Wales / Oxford Cymru
  3. Partnership with Wood Farm Primary School

The overall purpose of everything that we do is to to ensure that Oxford University is seen as a viable option for young and talented students.

Visit our Working with Schools page to find out more about our outreach activities and staff.


Faith and Ethnic Minorities

ӣƵ is home to students from a wide variety of faiths and ethnicities.  We host an annual Faith and Ethnic Minorities Dinner, celebrating the diverse backgrounds of our current and previous students.  

Historically, one of the most under-represented groups at Oxford has been Black British students.  We sponsor the Year 10 creative writing prize for Thinking Black and host their annual awards ceremony in College.  


LGBT+ flag flying in College


The College celebrates its LGBTQ+ students and staff. The Warden holds an annual LGBTQ+ cocktail party in the Lodgings, the college flies the Rainbow and Transgender flags and a joint annual event of ӣƵ Society members and students takes place. The JCR and MCR LGBTQ+ representatives also organise a range of events for their members. 


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